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New Trier Township High School
Alumni Achievement Awards and Hall of Honor 

Since New Trier’s Alumni Achievement Awards began in 2011, 52 recipients have joined the Alumni Hall of Honor for exemplifying the school’s motto: “To commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity.” The majority of honorees also have returned to New Trier to share their experiences in discussions with current students during the week of the awards dinner.

 Information about New Trier’s Alumni Achievement Award recipients can be found by clicking on each name below.


 Hall “Cap” Adams Jr., Class of 1950     
 Ann Compton, Class of 1965    
 Chris Cox, Class of 2000    
 William Hohengarten, Class of 1978    
 Walter McDougall, Class of 1964    
 Peter McNitt, Class of 1972    
 Mark Olsky, Class of 1962     
 Liz Phair, Class of 1985    
 Matthew Polenzani, Class of 1986      
 Cliff Sloan, Class of 1975      
 Shawn Robinson, Class of 1996    

 2015  2013
 James F. Collins, Class of 1957     
 Christine M. Ebersole, Class of 1972     
 Peter B. Henry, Class of 1987     
 William K. Kellogg III, Class of 1948     
 Mark S. Kirk, Class of 1977     
 Michael J. Pyle, Class of 1957      
 Mary Lu Roffe, Class of 1972      
 Sarah D. Ruhl, Class of 1992     
 Michael A. Shamberg, Class of 1962      
 Clifford J. Tabin, Class of 1972      
 Paul O. Zelinsky, Class of 1970     
Bruce Alberts, Class of 1956      
Bobbi Brown, Class of 1975    
Steve Fickinger, Class of 1978    
Susan Grant, Class of 1972    
James Hackett, Class of 1972    
Mary-Claire King, Class of 1963    
W. James McNerney Jr., Class of 1967.    
Bonnie Stern Miller, Class of 1966    
Thomas Miller, Class of 1956    
Scott Turow, Class of 1966.    
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Michael Alter, Class of 1979     
Ann-Margret, Class of 1959    
Rahm Emanuel, Class of 1977    
Alan Krensky, Class of 1969    
Thomas Miller, Class of 1966    
Martha Minow, Class of 1972    
Michael S. Rogers, Class of 1977    
James Sprayregen, Class of 1978    
James Collins Warren, Class of 1942    
Edward Zwick, Class of 1970    
Todd R. Golub Class of 1981   
Anna D. Halprin Class of 1938  
Samuel R. Harris Class of 1954  
Christie A. Hefner Class of 1970  
Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Class of 1937  
Donald H. Rumsfeld Class of 1950  
Jack Steinberger Class of 1938  
Geoffrey Tabin Class of 1974  
Richard S. Williamson Class of 1967  
Rainn Wilson Class of 1984  

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